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We, at TropInd Rare Holidays LLP, have created a near exhaustive list of itineraries and experiences that will are sure to enthrall. And the process of new discoveries never stops.


A getaway isn’t truly one if it does not hold the promise of a transformational escape – whether it is for the mind, body or the soul. The solution lies in slipping into complete harmony with yourself.

Gift yourself the miracle of renewal at some of the most indulgent spas in the idyllic locations of the Indian Subcontinent. In India’s wellness capital, Kerala, treatments are mostly rooted in the thousands of years old traditional Ayurveda ethos and complemented by intense Yogic healing therapies – all under meticulous supervision and guidance. Even the food that you consume during this period is customized to the treatment and body type. These are further integrated with International practices, holistic massage treatments, personalized fitness programmes and a blend of unique contemporary therapies that are sure to help you unwind and reconnect with yourself.

Beach Spas

Designed to revitalize and rejuvenate, spa retreats symbolize complete unanimity of the body, mind and soul.

Mountain Spas

Sometimes the sound of silence is stronger than a decibel of any magnitude. Such is the tranquility that the mountains of India encompass. Deep from the recesses of the lush valleys emanates a sense of peace that takes you into its fold.

City Spas

Everyone needs a break from the labyrinth of urban development, to seamlessly sync the three elements of life.

Speciality Spas

Within the sprawl of holistic treatments that the Indian subcontinent offers, the specialty spas draw your attention to one dominant aspect of a retreat.

Destination Spas

Let there be no distraction to your transformation – that is the mantra that the destination retreats imbibe. Here, your spiritual journey starts at a striking distance from your environment.

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