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A trip to Nepal, nestled between the huge Himalayas and the Indian plains, appears almost therapeutic. Nepal, which is deeply spiritual, resilient in spirit, and breathtakingly beautiful, should be on the bucket list of anyone looking to unplug from the city and immerse themselves in the native experience. Furthermore, this is home to the famous Mount Everest trail, with its base camp being a renowned hiking destination. Nepal's tranquil landscapes and simple culture make it one of the most unforgettable destinations in South Asia.

Major Cities

The unique thing about the cities of Nepal is that each of them has such a distinct character and topography. A trip to the country is enriching in ways that one cannot imagine. 


 Different clans amongst the religious spheres may have slight tweaks.

Top Stays

No matter where you stay, it is the Nepalese hospitality that trumps all other experiences.

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