Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka, an unpretentious island at the foot of the vast Indian subcontinent, is a welcome surprise for visitors. It has a strong culture, a diverse religious landscape, and a cuisine to match. These are enough grounds to entice the tourist.

Add to this a large reservoir of natural wealth, and the tourist may spend months exploring this small island country. Despite its small, Sri Lanka offers tea estate adventures, lovely beach retreats, and a historic route that may be explored for days. Its Dutch, British, and Buddhist heritage provide a variety of experiences for history buffs.

Major Cities

Almost all of the eastern coast offers beach side relaxation with Trincomalee and Hikkadua, eminent pit stops for travellers.


With the Buddhists and Hindus making the largest social composition of the country, the festivals have largely perpetuated from these two religious pools. 

Top Stays

Colombo’s modern vibe, combined with the inland tea estates and beach side locations offer a wide scape of backdrops to a number of options to stay. 

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