Your accommodation during travel is one of the key features that embellishes the entire trip. Try the heritage havelis of Rajasthan, home stays tucked away in the heart of Nepal’s mountains, luxury beach villas in Sri Lanka to add to the journey and other atmospheric stays in different countries.

River cruises are a unique way to explore the subcontinent. These could be luxurious ships or floating houseboats that go through reflecting backwaters and lakes. Cruise on these architectural marvels for total relaxation. You'll be astonished at how long-term cruises operate, where you can find much-needed comfort and style in the shape of luxury suites as well as amenities like a swimming pool and spa.

RV Bengal

The RV Bengal has planned a cruise along the powerful Ganges through the heart of India. The cruise is a luxuriously styled choice for tourists to view a place in a new light. Air-conditioned cabins with abundant amenities and services, dining spaces, and sun decks allow you to unwind like you would in a hotel. Well-informed advisors assist you in planning your trips on days when you depart for sightseeing.

Vivida Cruises

Vivanda Cruises provides a one-of-a-kind method to tour India's extensive rivers while learning about the local culture. The tours include ever-changing landscapes, specially created gourmet cuisine, meticulously planned excursions, and knowledgeable guides. The accommodations are modelled like opulent hotel rooms. There are other options available, including lengthy and short trips along the Ganga or through the Sundarbans.

MV Mahabaahu

The luxury cruise liner offers floating on the Brahmaputra, one of the world's largest rivers (and Asia's largest). The vessel has all the amenities of a hotel, including spacious cabins, a dining space, a sun deck, and even a spa on board. As you glide across the waters, take in the breathtaking vistas of the Brahmaputra River and the life it supports. On board, it is all about comfort and exceptional service.

Assam Bengal

The Assam Bengal is a luxurious adventure cruise that offers water journeys on the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers. Both rivers are famous icons of their respective states, providing a glimpse into the world surrounding them. On board, the amenities and facilities ensure that this is nothing short of a 5-star experience, including great, well-equipped cabins with a view, dining options, and a sun deck for relaxation.

Ganges Voyager

The Ganges Voyager redefines luxury as a 28-suite boutique hotel on the sea. It provides a remarkable experience of India's holiest river. Guests enjoy the luxurious cabins, lounge, sun terrace, dining area, and spa. The travel experts provide you with information about the many places you visit and assist you in planning on-land day trips to significant sightseeing destinations.

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