Sometimes the sound of silence is stronger than a decibel of any magnitude. Such is the tranquility that the mountains of India encompass. Deep from the recesses of the lush valleys emanates a sense of peace that takes you into its fold. Such locations make for an ideal spa retreat to renew a connection with yourself. From the towering Himalayan peaks to the low Nilgiri stacks of mountains, lose yourself to the power of ancient Ayurvedic practices, Yoga, meditation and varied immersive experiences at these spa retreats.

Plan a feel-good holiday for a cathartic break with a substantial offering of Asian inspired therapies that are best experienced in the stunning setting of the mountains. In this section we take you through the best spa resorts that are wedged in the middle of valleys or propped high on the hills. It is as if they have special access to the Gods and pass on the spiritual flavour to you. In these spa resorts, the body tunes in with the mind and soul to offer an enriched time. The mountains make for great company to help you relax, away from the worries of mundane life. Easy pampering ideas thrive here with the restorative properties and the pure magic of nature. You see their effect on you in no time.

Mountain Spas

Dwarika Spa

Located in the shadow of the towering Himalayan Range in Nepal, Dwarika’s address is an ideal one for revitalizing the mind, body and soul.

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Oberoi Wildflower Hall

Stunning views of the rolling hills and the crisp mountain air amplifies a spa getaway with its cathartic value.

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