The one thing that is bound to strike the traveller about the Indian subcontinent is its deep and intense religious  vibe. The undertones of religiosity runs thickly in the places of interest, the monuments, festivals, conversations and interactions. This goes to show the unshakeable faith by which the people of these countries live. In a sense, lines blur and this also forms a spiritual backdrop for many. The influences of  many religions in India alone have made it a rich cultural repository for generations. The same feeling runs across through the adjoining nations.

As one travels from one region to another, apart from the diverse topography, one also gets to see and experience the influence of religion that has shaped the destinations. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism and other religions contribute to make a great cultural backdrop for travellers. It can set one of studying the unending medley of studying the social fabric of the country.

Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and the upper reaches of Indian Himalayas gives you a chance to immerse in the simple living of Buddhism, in mainland India the fervour of religious festivals showcase the energy and reverence towards the pantheon of Gods and in the tucked away reaches, you may even find unique tribal sects that commemorate nature. Our itineraries take you through different cultural mixes, to showcase the influence of religion in the subcontinent.


Footsteps of Buddha

This itinerary takes you through the footsteps of Buddha, touching the key destinations that he lived in and gave his sermons in his life.

  • 07 Nights & 08 Days
  • People
  • Footsteps of Buddha

Religions of India

The wonderful thing about India is its diversity. That combined with the rich cultural influences from various dynasties that ruled different areas, gives India an unparalleled cultural advantage.

  • People
  • Religions of India

Footsteps of Christianity

Christianity has the third largest following in India and a fascinating trail from the point of view of history.

  • 13 Nights & 14 Days
  • People
  • Footsteps of Christianity

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