India and the subcontinent together offer an ode to the meandering blue capillaries of water, that form a busy network across the lands – plummeting from the glaciers in towering mountains and flowing freely through the plains till the journey to surrounding oceans comes to an end. This is especially true for both Bangladesh and India, where the rivers of the countries provide more than just stunning backdrops.

Expect to see vignettes of impressive scenic views and life around the rivers, when on a cruise in India. The Brahmaputra in the northeast and the Ganges in the northern plains are especially rich with experiences for those choosing to explore the country on a river. Floating through a destination also offers scenes that you would never get on the road – the dense undergrowth in jungles that skirt the rivers or frothy rapids that thrill you.

Whether it is a small excursion or a long journey of a few days, the river cruises throw up many surprises. From fresh catch from the river for dinner or watching life of the locals that live on the edges, this is a great way of seeing a destination intimately.

River Cruises

Journey on the Ganges

Follow the path of one the holiest rivers of India, along the eastern states of Bengal and Bihar.

  • 13 Nights & 14 Days
  • People
  • Journey on the Ganges

Ganges Heritage Cruise

The Ganga- Brahmaputra flood plains in the eastern part of the country are one of the richest in bio-diversity and even history.

  • 07 Nights & 08 Days
  • People
  • Ganges Heritage Cruise

Sunderbans & Bagerhat

Starting the journey from Dhaka, a traveller gets a vivid picture of a culture that lies across the Indian boundary in Bangladesh.

  • 08 Nights & 09 Days
  • People
  • Sunderbans & Bagerhat

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