Cultural India

We, at TropInd Rare Holidays LLP, have created a near exhaustive list of itineraries and experiences that will are sure to enthrall. And the process of new discoveries never stops.

India and the subcontinent is laden with an eloquent narrative of a rich and vibrant culture.

These journeys promise to sweep you away in a world of traditional dances, music, festivals, food and unimaginably unique local practices. Unravel the beauty of the cultural mélange that drapes the country

Forts & Palaces

An ethereal world unfolds as you step into the sun-scorched palaces and ancient forts perched on impregnable hilltops of India, still rife with tales of valour, sacrifice and opulence.


Fittingly, one of the most striking backdrops to any destination is when there is a festival on the anvil. A heady mix of colours, mirth and celebration surround you.

River Cruises

Expect to see vignettes of impressive scenic views and life around the rivers, when on a cruise in India. Whether it is a small excursion or a long journey of a few days, the river cruises throw up many surprises.


The one thing that is bound to strike the traveller about the Indian subcontinent is its deep and intense religious vibe. Our itineraries take you through different cultural mixes, to showcase the influence of religion in the subcontinent.

Special Interest

We, at Indo Asia Tours, want travellers coming to India to get a comprehensive orientation to the country and the surrounding nations that we operate in.

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