We, at Indo Asia Tours, want travellers coming to India to get a comprehensive orientation to the country and the surrounding nations that we operate in. This means, that all the dimensions of travel – food, history, urban life, nature – are taken into consideration when planning a trip. Of the vast experiences that the subcontinent offers, we have chalked out some of the best itineraries that make one dive deeper into the topic. For example, Kerala’s unique food, or sustainable tours are some of the travel ideas that we would love the travellers to experiences.

Expect a range of activities in these tours, we take you in the heart of one area and immerse you in all aspects of it. In the Maharani Gayatri Devi tour, one gets to dive into the life of the glamorous queen of Rajasthan and in the northeast tribes one gets  to know about the hidden tradition and culture of the states that are tucked away from the mainland. We have also organised a photography tour where an expert photographer accompanies you to the most photographic opportunities while travelling.

The special tours break the monotony and the rhythm of expected experiences and throws the traveller, a volley of excellent travel glimpses. Of these, we are particularly proud of the Sustainable Tour that helps us work towards the promise of creating excellent travel itineraries, keeping in mind that the travel foot print should only curb intrusion and add value to the destination instead.

Special Interest

Tribal Tour of North East India

  • 15 Nights / 16 Days
  • People
  • Tribal Tour of North East India

Kerala Culinary

Any generalization of Indian cuisine as ‘curry’ would be a grave mistake. The cuisine of each region is as diverse as is the culture, or the language and dialects spoken in the area.

  • 12 Nights & 13 Days
  • People
  • Kerala Culinary

North East Tribes

The Northeastern region of India is one of the most vibrant and rich, with overtones of diverse dressing, food and traditions.

  • 13 Nights & 14 Days
  • People
  • North East Tribes

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