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A tourist cannot miss India, a country rich in experiences extending from the historical to the adventurous, steeped in culture and history, and full of natural beauty. From exquisite architectural beauties to lush natural forests and local encounters, India has more to offer than the average visitor could think.

Accommodation is as crucial a component of travel as other factors, so selecting a wonderful location to stay is an essential part of the journey. Fortunately, India has a wide range of options, including heritage stays (ancient forts and palaces converted into hotels), luxury campgrounds, starred hotels, budget lodges, coffee plantation tree homes, tea plantation tree houses, and even house boats. You can stay in hotels with well-trained personnel or enjoy warm hospitality in homestays throughout the country. At Indo Asia Tours, we provide a variety of accommodations to enhance your journey to the Subcontinent.

Samode Palace

Samode Palace, which caters to discerning visitors who drive outside of Jaipur to live in a palace outside a village, has hosted a lot of celebrities and Hollywood filming locations. The palace is a royal Indian home with groomed landscapes, magnificent architecture, and a history that dates back 475 years.

Evolve Back

The picturesque views of the jungle and the Kabini backwaters contribute to the appeal of being near the bush, surrounded by roars and birdsong. The resort has been recognised as one of the greatest environmental lodges in the country, thanks to the management's efforts to make it a sustainable initiative. Everything about the lodge, from the magnificent cabins with private sit-outs overlooking the Kabini River to the meals and experienced naturalists, contributes to this being an extraordinary alternative.

Samode Safari Lodge

Bandhavgarh's Samode Safari Lodge in Madhya Pradesh just adds to your wildlife experience. Expect to be surrounded by luxury, with high-end rooms, a swimming pool, and a sophisticated dining area, yet never far from the sounds and stories of the forest. The internationally acclaimed lodge enhances the wildlife experience in India.

Pepper County Homestay

Pepper County, nestled among the green rushes of pepper vines and the crisp chilly air of Thekkady, provides a respite for the weary visitor. The home's six rooms immerse you in the tranquilly of a spice plantation, providing stunning views and an aromatic ambiance all around. The homestay also provides access to several of the town's sightseeing attractions. Local insights, cooking workshops, and excellent hospitality are among the highlights.

Cloud Valley Home Stay

Cloud Valley is a home-run guesthouse nestled in the heart of a lush green evocative coffee farm that will make your journey even more memorable. Understanding a destination is based on local knowledge and hospitality. This is a typical plantation cottage that has been owned by the British. It's exciting to live in a colonial-style building surrounded by coffee plantations.

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