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An Amazing Awe-Inspiring Ballooning Experience in South Goa !!
( In collaboration with Goa Tourism )
Flight Duration : 45 Minutes to 01 Hour. Flight time 6.15 M - Pick up 01 Hour before Sunrise ) 

The grounds of South Goa unquestionably offer
one of the best hot air balloon launch sites in India.
Assolda Football Ground, Chandor, South Goa, Goa
Location coordinates: 15°15'40.8"N 74°04'20.8"E

2 hours before sunrise if coming from North
Goa & 60 minutes before sunrise for South Goa.
*Meet the driver at the reception of your hotel
for pick up to a launch site.

We also have backup sites, which are mainly used
when conditions are not flyable at the original site
but will also be used if the main site is unavailable
for other reasons.

Having backup sites increases the chance of our
hot air balloon flights going ahead, as without them
it would have been cancelled.
Note: Our total capacity is upto 18-20 passengers
daily. For a larger groups, a shorter 30 minute flight
can be operated in order to accommodate up to
100 passengers for the one morning flight time
20 minutes before sunrise, Arrive at launch site,
last check of the weather before we get the
balloon off the trailer and start the inflation
process. Stand back and watch or join in the
excitement. It's up to you.

10 minutes before Sunrise, Take off! Sail across
the skies of the South Goa for the next hour
taking in the fantastic views and the magic of
being in a hot air balloon.

40-50 Minutes after Sunrise, Land the balloon,
pack everything back into the trailer and head
back to the hotel.

Please only take the above as an
approximation. We are dealing with
Mother Nature and the weather. Things
very rarely run to a tight schedule. All
we can do is turn up on time and trust
that the rest falls into place.
*Meet the driver only if you have booked the
transfers with us.

Enjoy the intimacy of an exclusive balloon flight for just you and your special guest (with a pilot of course). Our exclusive flights for two
passengers are ideal for proposals, anniversaries, and special occasions or just as a special treat for you and your guest.

 Greeting and registration on arrival at the site.
 Your own private pilot and crew
 Champagne on board your flight (weather permitting)
 Approximate 45 mins - 1 hour of balloon flight over/around South Goa
 Complete flight Insurance
 Tea/ coffee & light refreshments served at the launch site
 International standards of safety & security
 Presentation of certificate signed by your pilot (on request).
 Free pick up and drop to/ from your hotel


  • Private Balloon Flight
  • Hotel Accommodation in South Goa
  • *GST of 5% applicable on both types of flight.
  • Kids below 05 years of age are not allowed.

About an hour, depending on prevailing weather conditions and suitability of landing sites, but you should allow at least 2-3 hours for the
whole experience.
As high as 3,000ft - although this does vary from area to area and depends on airspace restrictions.
Comfortable, casual clothing is always recommended on our ballooning excursions. The temperature in the balloon is about the same as it is
on the ground, so be sure to dress appropriately for the day's anticipated temperatures. On any given day, we recommend: Closed toe shoes,
Sunscreen, Hat , Sunglasses, Light jacket, Camera
We schedule flights only in morning, seven days a week during the Indian ballooning season which is usually October to May.
If your flight is cancelled, don't worry because you can just book onto another flight of your choice within same ballooning season or we will
initiate a Full Refund.

For more information please visit write to us.
Hot air ballooning is one of the safest, and simplest, forms of flight known to man!
Tiger Balloon Safaris is fully licensed under an Air Operators Permit (AOP) as issued by the Ministry of Civil Aviation/ Directorate General of
Civil Aviation – Government of India. We are a certified Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO) and a Continuing Airworthiness
Organization (CAMO).
All our pilots have thousands of hours of flying experience, our team comprises internationally licensed Balloon Pilots from Europe, USA,
Australia, & India.
All our balloons are imported from Cameron Balloons, UK and are of the highest quality and are regularly inspected by DGCA approved facility
to ensure they remain in perfect working order. Cameron Balloons is the most experienced and largest manufacturer of hot-air balloons in the
Every passenger is comprehensively insured as per international aviation standards. A copy of our insurance policy can be provided on